Johannesburg, 25 February 2020 – Money Smart Book now available, order through the online storedelivery countrywide.

Vilochanee Naidoo is proof that nothing is impossible. The launch of her new book, Money Smart, on Thursday 06th February 2020 was exciting and inspiring.

Vilochanee chose to write Money Smart with her son in mind, from the unique angle to both educate and empower the current and next generation throughout their financial lives. Vilochanee has written a book that focuses on every-day personal finance, something that everyone can relate to. She wanted to ensure that children, university students and people from all walks of life, purposefully gain an understanding of the principles of money and the power that they either give it or not. In her book Money Smart, she covers various aspects which include: personal finance-savvy portfolio, creating finance-savvy success, buying a car, buying a property, shopping principles, managing contracts and obligations, financial wellness and savings and investments.

Money Smart Book

Through online purchases, we are capable of selecting and sometimes also buying the latest electronics, cosmetics, fashion apparel, homes and cars from the comfort of our homes.

Your spending capacity determines your social status and your savings capacity determines your financial status…

Before the sale, the seller is thinking correctly; after the sale the buyer is thinking correctly.

Vilochanee Naidoo

Vilochanee, who grew up in Johannesburg, was born for teaching people about finance. Part of what she does is work for a large corporate in the retail industry where she negotiates on large supplier spend values as part of her daily routine. Currently leading Procurement at her organisation, Vilochanee also has previous experience in large financial institutions, logistics, pharmaceutical, retail and other industries, where she has held a variety of finance and procurement posts. She has a thorough understanding of the need for sharing finance, budgeting and negotiating information.

Being a part-time lecturer in Procurement she is able to stay in touch with the latest governance, corporate finance and personal trends giving her a cutting edge while still remaining practically relevant in today’s times. As a Master Graduate in her field, with two international accreditations, Vilochanee is definitely qualified to give us the advice she so eloquently and understandably writes about.

The Money Smart book foreword was written by Co-founder and Director Mduduzi K. Luthuli of Luthuli Capital, which was founded and structured in 2016 as a Pan-African multi-specialist proprietary limited company that offers a global approach to your wealth-management portfolio. With the Money Smart testimonials written by Colin Smuts, Author and Secretary of the “Friends of the Nadine Gordimer Committee” and Nancy Hamity, Author of “The Next Gear: Unleash your Inner Drive”, we are guaranteed to be in good hands.

Money Smart Book
Guests were kept engaged by the energetic and lively MC Björn Luciano Salsone

A portion of the proceeds of all sales from the Money Smart book go to Nkosi’s Haven. Nkosi’s Haven is a registered NGO in Johannesburg, that offers residential, holistic care and support for mothers and their children whose lives have been impacted by HIV/AIDS. Nkosi’s Haven also provides support for orphans, HIV/AIDS affected or not. It aims to improve the productivity of their residents through providing access to medical care, therapy, education and skill-building workshops. The goal is to empower residents while providing a safe, dignified home in hopes that all mothers and children are able to become responsible and contributing members of society.

Get your copy of Money Smart Book

Money Smart can be bought hardcopy from as little as R350 or eBook for R199 or via kindle at R66.

For more information on the book, follow this link.

To buy your copy, visit the online store on this link.

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