I joined Janice Leibowitz on her show “People Of The Book” which airs on Chai FM the day after the book launch. In case you missed it, here’s the interview!

Play Vilochanee Naidoo’s Chai FM Interview here

My guest on today’s show was the fabulous Vilochanee Naidoo, chatting about her brand new book, Money Smart. Apart from the fact that this is an extremeky thorough and well-structured book, explaining the ins and outs of basic information one should know in order to conduct and maintain a healthy financial profile, Vilochanee’s approach is also a holistic one, which will appeal to thise many out there who have an aversion to anything financial due purely to the ‘numbers’ aspect of it.

The book is currently available to puchase on www.money-smartbook.com.

You can follow Vilochanee on Twitter: @vilochanee or Instagram: @vilochanee.

Janice Leibowitz

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