Gay SA Radio Interview with Vilochanee Naidoo

Vilochanee Naidoo has a wealth of knowledge on both personal and business finance. She has spoken at corporate events and has professional international accreditation in finance and supply chain management.

On the back of a 21-year career in procurement with blue chip companies, she has led the successful growth of businesses by purposefully increasing wealth and reducing costs. She possesses a wide range of skills in procurement across multiple industries, and she uses her sales, service, and product knowledge to contribute to the personal, financial, and career growth of people from all walks of life.

In this book, Vilochanee seeks to inspire and encourage more individuals to lead wealthy lifestyles by consciously creating an awareness and understanding of important personal financial matters.

Success, expanding personal brands, and assisting needy children are issues close to her heart. She is involved in outreach programs such as World Vision’s “Sponsor a Child” Program, which supports the global education of children. She is also a patron of Nkosi’s Haven in Johannesburg.

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